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Home and garden: Beyond Boulder: Colorado's Camelot

Like most castles, this stone fortress near Idledale has a history peppered with intrigue, tragedy and neglect. But the current owners are writing a fairy-tale ending by using the castle for charity events and a hand up for addicts undergoing rehabilitation. Read The Full Article

By Ruthanne Johnson


“I was drunk on Larimer Street 23 years ago,” Step 13 founder Bob Coté recalled. “And I had a moment of clarity. I saw that I was slowly committing suicide. I thought, either blow your brains out now or get it together. I poured out my quarter of a bottle of vodka into the gutter.” Read More...


Once upon a time, or about 75 yearsago, Marcus Wright built a beautiful castle netled along Bear Creek northeast of Kittredge. The fourteenroom stone masterpiece featured turrets, battlements, a waterwheel, and even a moat. But the castle and its grounds became neglected over the years, and it took a team ofmen who were rebuilding their own lives to bring Dunafon Castle back to life. Read More...


Castles of Colorado: Scandals, Hauntings, and Tales of the Past is a book that features the Dunafon Castle and is available at Amazon.com. Read More...

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